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27 June 2011 @ 02:32 am
Happy (Belated) Birthday, Shera!  
Yes, I completely missed eclats_de_voix  's birthday and I'll probably make a habit of posting up belated birthday stuff, haha... And for pretty close friends on my f-list who don't have their birthdays on their profile...
I will find it.

Well, anyway, I'm not sure if you like Hana/Ryohei. I'm going for you feeling neutral at the very worst. ;___; I tried writing a Ryohei/Hibari fic, but all I could think up of was Ryohei breaking into Hibari's house for- Yeah, I think you know where I got that idea from. XD

This is my first fic focusing on Hana and Ryohei. I'm hoping I characterized them well. Haven't written for Hana ever and I've only written for Ryohei briefly in my multi-chap fic. I may write for Ryohei (und Hana) again since he's acting a bit OOC in this particular fic. You'll see why. As for Hana... I just want to try characterizing her again! Going to stop talking now.

Title - A Fine Line
Rating - G
Pairing - Hana/Ryohei
Warnings - Slight OOC-ness
Summary - There's a fine line between acquaintances and well, something else. Hana accidentally lets Ryohei cross it.

Hana thrust the thermos into Ryohei's face as soon as he opened the door. She glanced uninterestedly at the bare chest of the man before tilting her head up to glare at him.

“Kurokawa...?” Ryohei sneezed, much to Hana's distaste. “Why are you here? You know that I'm extremely sick... right?”

She raised an eyebrow. No shouting? No screaming into her ear? A half-hearted 'extreme'? She assumed his throat hurt if he wasn't screaming like a fool. His nose didn't seem too clogged up if he was speaking properly though

“May I come in?” Her words were polite, but her tone did not mirror them. Before Ryohei could answer, Hana was already pushing her way past him to the kitchen. She was comfortably familiar with the layout of the apartment since she'd been to it several times.Kyouko stayed there whenever her brother was in Namimori.

...For some bizarre and very questionable reason, Ryohei preferred to stay in a dusty apartment that was unused most of the time rather than her childhood home. Kyouko told her that his unknown job made him have to leave at the strangest times and that he would prefer not to wake everyone up if he had to leave in the middle of the night.

Very, very suspicious.

But this wasn't the time to be questioning the unnamed job of Kyouko's brother. Her friend had given her a job and she intended to do it as quickly and efficiently as possible.

“Sit,” Hana ordered when a bewildered Ryohei entered the kitchen after her. He seemed dazed and sluggish, which further indicated to her that he was still pretty sick. In no time at all, she had dumped the thermo's contents, rice porridge, into a bowl and handed him a spoon.

“Eat now,” she demanded. Ryohei stared at her stupidly. Hana sighed. He would just keep on giving her that look until she explained, wouldn't he? “Kyouko was worried about you when she found out you got sick. She wanted me to see how you were doing since she's still in Italy.” Hana didn't mention how she brought the porridge of her own accord.

It wasn't important.

Ryohei's eyes lighted up like a 100-watt bulb.

“GREAT!” he shouted out before letting out a wheezing cough. Hana wrinkled her nose. “I'll dig in then!” He spooned a mouthful into his mouth and in no time at all, he was done with the entire bowl and the rest of the thermos. “That was really good, Kurokawa!”

“I'm glad you liked it,” Hana said, half-sarcastic and just a tad pleased.

Hana blinked when she saw Ryohei looking at her dress shirt. She had forgotten to take off her name tag for the job interview that had been barely an hour ago. On the tag was 'Kurokawa Hana' in her accomplished printing.

“Your first name...” Ryohei trailed off. Hana could feel a frown marring her features. She put a hand on her hip defensively.

“...You don't like it or something?”

“Oh no!” he denied. “I like your name! Gives you lots of EXTREME surprises since you aren't really like your name.”

Hana opened her mouth to retort at his awkward compliment-insult. Her words stopped short when he plastered on an enthusiastic grin.

“I like surprises!”

Hana's eyes widened in shock. She was feeling more... what would be the word? She wouldn't allow the word 'flustered' to enter her head. Just. No.

“Call me Hana then,” she said without thinking.

It was only when he started to blush that she realized he was embarrassed. Hana pursed her lips and could feel her cheeks slowly heat up.

What... had she said? She had just said something. Something that she hadn't meant to say, but it had come out anyway. Why had she said that? Hana could feel her cheeks heating up even more. Letting him call her by her first name meant that the line between them as acquaintance, connected only by their relationship with Kyouko, was officially gone. It makes our relationship sound more... more... Hana could feel her already heated face flushing to the colour of a beetroot red. This wasn't like her at all, to be not only blushing, but also turning a bright red.


Hana was worrying -why was she doing so over something like this?- over the simple fact that she had just given him permission to call her 'Hana' right when he chose to call her by it.

Funny how even after all these years, he was still as tactless as ever.

Funny how even after all these years, instead of despising it more and more, she had come not to mind it.

“Hana, are you okay?” he said carefully, uncharacteristically quiet from his usual boisterous volume.

Hana frowned. Him saying her name wasn't exactly pleasant, but not exactly unwelcome either. She looked up fully at him then. At the strong lines against his tanned, chiseled face, at the knit in between his brows as he gazed down worriedly at him and at his dark amber eyes that were glazed from the fever he had.

Hana's mouth finally curved into a small smile.

“Yeah, I'm all right.”

Ryohei gaped at her.

Her cool black eyes reflected irritation and the pithy excuse for a smile turned into a frown upon seeing him gaping. What was it now?

“What is it?” she snapped. Her scathing voice seemed to bring him out of it and he grinned at her again. Hana instantly felt uneasy. The last time -just a moment ago- he had done that didn't produce results she quite liked.

“I just think I was wrong now!” Ryohei exclaimed. Hana's eyes narrowed in suspicion and she crossed her arms protectively against her chest. She wasn't about to become all flustered again. Whatever this tactless dunce of her best friend's brother said, she would not get flustered.

“Your smile was nice just now!” His grin widened. “Like a really pretty flower!”

Her resolve cracked like a mirror and the pieces crushed into fine dust.

Ryohei looked worried again. “Hana, are you sick? Your face is all red now!” His mouth became an 'o'. “DID YOU CATCH MY COLD? HANA? HANA?” he repeated when she didn't answer.

Hana sighed, her cheeks still mottled with a light pink. He was tactless, loud, slow, an idiot who linearly only thought of boxing and everything else she was supposed to hate.

“HANA?” Ryohei hollered out gruffly, despite being five feet from her.

Hana pursed her lips and decisively decided that she didn't like him saying her name.

Not at all.

But she didn't tell him to stop.


Made icons. Just in case you didn't find the story to your tastes.


And if neither suited your tastes... *facepalms*
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eclat: girleclats_de_voix on June 27th, 2011 04:38 pm (UTC)

haha hana always does look like shes coming back from a job interview. I mozied over to ffnet to favorite it there, but you hadn't posted it there D-:

“Your smile was nice just now!” His grin widened. “Like a really pretty flower!”

You can write him nicely :) This is my birthday present! OKAY! I should dooo this for my llljjj friend tooo o.0 BUT THANK YOU *SUPER BIG HUG*

I had my hand over my mouth and was like ooooo soo sweet at the end. HANA HANA YOU CATCH MY COLD??? lady, continue this if you have the muse!
ideal_fairytaleideal_fairytale on June 28th, 2011 02:17 am (UTC)
OH, THANKS. I thought it would be too fluffy for your tastes. I don't like fluff too much, but I seem to have a knack for writing it though I'd like to call it, "lighthearted romance" *cough*. I'm glad you liked it though! *HUGS BACK*

I may do just that or another Hana/Ryohei oneshot! o: Not exactly a fan of the pairing, but I do support their love <3

(You're using an icon. <3)

ideal_fairytaleideal_fairytale on June 28th, 2011 02:18 am (UTC)
Oops, forgot to say one more thing.

I will post it on ff.net then! (; I thought you may not like me posting it there or in any of the comms., so I didn't. - -;
eclat: what?eclats_de_voix on June 29th, 2011 04:06 pm (UTC)
I can't doo light heart-romances -__- you will laugh at the next fic I post... lol... and hana and ryohei have it coming!

And of course I'm going to use it >:D
lost in thought100paperfans on June 28th, 2011 02:25 am (UTC)
You wrote a Hana/Ryohei fic! I am now officially grinning from ear to ear. Nice! And very sweet.

OH HEY, speaking of birthdays. You never told me what you wanted for yours! D=
ideal_fairytaleideal_fairytale on June 28th, 2011 02:37 am (UTC)
Haha, your icon and your username... :D

Thank you! ♥ It always makes me feel all fluttery when the stuff I write can make people smile or laugh or any other emotion/action.

Hmm... a fic, icons or a colouring of Hibari or Yamamoto would be wonderful! ^____^;

What would you like for your birthday? I can only write fanfics or do some icons though. ;___;

lost in thought: pandora hearts: white alice100paperfans on June 28th, 2011 02:40 am (UTC)
lol, I match now!

And /jots down the ideas for your birthday~ Do you have any pairings/characters you'd prefer to see in it?

As for me ... hmmm, anything First Generation is good with me. Comedy, friendship fic, etc. I would love to see your take on the original founders of Vongola~
ideal_fairytaleideal_fairytale on June 28th, 2011 04:12 am (UTC)
Pairings I'd like to see would be 8018 if possible, BUT I really like het pairings with any of the guardians+any female except Chrome, Kyouko and Haru. :D

All right! I'll do that. *puts thinking cap on*
lost in thought100paperfans on June 28th, 2011 10:55 am (UTC)
Mkay~ Will try for a 8018. If I end up with nothing for that pairing ... would Lambo/I-pin be all right?

Oh! Any ideas for prompts for either of them?

ideal_fairytaleideal_fairytale on June 29th, 2011 04:17 am (UTC)
Ugh, I can't think of anything at the moment, but I'll be sure to tell you on msn when I get something. ^____^ Lambo/I-Pin would be great. <3